Cafe World introduced a 50% Lightning Super Stove a few days ago, where you collect parts with the help of your neighbors to build it.
And when it's completed your Cafe World dishes will cook 50% faster!

The 50% Lightning Super Stove is here! It will cook your dishes in half the time! You can build it with the help of your friends. Hurry up, you can only get one and it's only here for a limited time!
Although I don't have all in information on this new stove, since my game still shows the 10% Super Stove icon and not this new one (kind of like the Super Chef thing that didn't show in my cafe), I've been receiving gift requests for it.
I think the 50% Super Stove uses the same parts as the original Super Stove does, more or less...

Gold Computer Chips - 12 of these.
Gold Grill Rings - 10 of these.
Gold Control Knob - 10 of these.
Gold Metal Plate - 10 of these.

Cafe World Chefs, if you want the Cafe World 50% lightning super stove, now's the time to build it while you still can!